Aged Care Services

Moving into Aged Care can be an difficult time for everyone.  Not only do you need to deal with the emotional aspect of this change, but you also have to deal with what is a very complex area requiring careful consideration and thought.   Choosing the right Aged Care Facility, making informed financial decisions, deciding whether to sell the family home and Centrelink requirements all contribute to a highly stressful time.  

At Financial Affairs, we aim to help you understand the process to ensure the best outcome for everyone involved.   We offer a simple 3-Step Programme where we not only take into consideration your financial situation, but also other more personal requirements.  You can opt to work with us on just one of the steps, or we can help you through the entire process.


Step 1:  Aged Care Action Plan

The first of our 3-Step Programme is to develop an Aged Care Action Plan.   It aims to remove uncertainty and provide clarity, and an objective view, about what you need to consider.  It also helps ‘time poor’ families who may need to act quickly, looking for answers.

Here's how it works:

  • We will ask you to complete a pre-meeting questionnaire which will provide us with some very basic information about your current situation.
  • We will then review the information and develop a discussion paper that will outline the actions and decisions that you need to make based on your current situation.  
  • We will meet with you and your family members to discuss what is involved and give you an opportunity to ask any questions you might have.  
  • You will leave with an Aged Care Action Plan providing you with an objective view outlining the steps required.  You will have this to share with other family members as required.  

Step 2:  Implementing your Aged Care Action Plan

The second step in our 3-Step Programme involves all the financials and getting the best assessment from Centrelink as possible.  This is a critical step in the process to ensure you come out with the best possible financial situation.  We will:

1.  Work out the financials including:

  • Reviewing your current situation
  • Reviewing the costs involved with Aged Care and how to fund them, and
  • Recommend ways to optimise your age pension, minimise care fees and ultimately maximise your cash flow position.

2.  Assist with negotiations on fees and how to pay them (optional).

3.  Deal with Centrelink on your behalf including completing all forms and assessments , provide them with all of your updated information on changes to living arrangements, current assets and income circumstances.

4.  Provide advice around Estate planning.

5.  Prepare a Statement of Advice (SOA).  

Step 3:  Placement Services (Aged Care Facilities)

This is the final step in the process.  We will make sure you find a home that is comfortable for you and will suit your needs.  As part of this step we will:

1.  Discuss care requirements as per the Aged Care Assessment Teams (ACAT) assessment i.e. Level of Care.  

2.  Research facilities within your local area and create a shortlist that are best suited to your requirements taking into consideration:

  • Location preferences
  • Cultural requirements
  • Religious needs

3.  Discuss urgency of placement including the need for interim or respite care.  

4.  Arrange appointments for you and your family to view the facilities and we can attend if requested.  

5.  Liaise with the facility with regards to Refundable Accommodation Deposits (RADS) negotiations and assist with the completion of application forms for suitable placement.

Please note:  A placement services provider will assist in this process.  

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