Claims Management

We understand the main reason you have insurance is so that you can make a claim if something goes wrong.  Claims Management is an important part of our service and that is why we can assist you every step of the way to help ensure you are compensated as fairly and as quickly as possible.

We believe that continual communication is integral to a successful claims management process. Communication with all key stakeholders will help to ensure a mutually agreeable and collective approach is used to achieve the desired outcome.

Strategic management of each claim will help to ensure that the goals remain relevant and achievable and provide direction for all stakeholders.

Our Claims Management Services include:

If you need to make a claim

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You must promptly inform us of any claim as soon as possible.  This will enable us to action the claim as quickly as possible and help minimise any unnecessary delays, or further damage occurring.  Full details of what occurred and details about anyone else involved should be collected at the time, and passed onto us.  

All claims (with the exception of Workers Compensation or Work Cover claims) should be notified to AB Phillips as soon as possible.  Workers Compensation or Work Cover claims should be reported directly to your Work Cover Agent or your AB Phillips Workers Compensation Consultant.  To make an appointment with a Workers Compensation Consultant, click here.

Once you have notified us about the loss or incident, we will then arrange for the claim to be reported to your insurer and where appropriate, for loss assessors and repairers to be appointed to assist in the management of your claim.

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