"We are not aligned with any bank, fund manager or insurer so our advice is always in your best interest not someone else’s."    David Page, Director, Manager Private Clients                

"We are not aligned with any bank, fund manager or insurer so our advice is always in your best interest not someone else’s."

David Page, Director, Manager Private Clients








As of May 1 2017 our Financial Planning business operates under the name Financial Affairs (AFSL 222154).

Financial Affairs is 100% owned by AB Phillips and manages all our Financial Planning and Life Insurance business. The Financial Affairs team are located in our Moorabbin office and work closely with other areas of our Financial Services team to provide clients with holistic financial solutions.

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Over a lifetime we will all have different financial needs at different times. Financial planning is about developing strategies to help you manage your financial affairs and meet your life goals. Having a plan ensures that you focus on the right thing at the right time, but the first step is to make sure you have access to the right advice.

Financial Affairs advisors work closely with clients to help them achieve financial security. Our process involves assessing your current financial situation, and then making recommendations to help you achieve your goals.

Different situations and aspirations call for different approaches

Our comprehensive review process allows us to provide you with expert assistance in the following areas, all of which are designed to continuously improve your position over time.

  • Making it -  Do you need to improve cash flow or employ tax-effective strategies to stretch your dollars further? An Income Plan will ensure you manage your income efficiently.

  • Growing it - You’ve got it, now make it work for you. An Investment Plan explores the different options available for investing your surplus funds.

  • Leveraging it - We can review your debt structure and provide advice around building your wealth by implementing a Debt Plan.

  • Protecting it - The more you have, the more you stand to lose. Having a thorough Risk Plan will ensure you are protected.

  • Enjoying it - Are you on track to having the money you will need to live the lifestyle you want when you retire? A Retirement Plan will help you get there.

  • Disposing it - Make sure your money goes to the right people when it’s time to pass it on by having an up-to-date Estate Plan in place.  

Expert Advice

Our genuinely personalised one-on-one service enables us to get to the heart of what you are trying to achieve and tailor strategies accordingly.  And as we are not aligned with any bank, fund manager or insurer, our advice is always in your best interests only.  We have in-house experts in Financial Planning, Accounting, Mortgages/Finance and Personal Risk that work together to devise a complete financial strategy to suit every life stage.

An integrated approach to financial management

Our Private Client division includes Finance and Taxation specialists, Accountants, Financial Planners and Aged Care Specialists who work closely together to deliver a well-constructed financial solution that best meets your financial objectives.

Conduct a Financial Health Check today

Complete our online financial questionnaire and then come in for a free 1-hour consultation. We will discuss your long and short-term goals and then provide you with a plan of action and quote for our services. It is important to us that the benefits to you outweigh the costs, and we will only provide you with advice that puts you in a better position. Once you are ready to go ahead, our advisors will work closely with you to implement your plan.

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We are very confident that our fees are some of the most competitive in the market.  We are also conscious that for every dollar we charge we need to add two to three dollars of value.  Our Financial Services Guide provides you with an idea of what you might pay, but the best way to get a handle on costs is to come and meet with us where we can outline how the costs apply specifically to you.



David Page, Private Client Manager, Director;  p: 03 8586 9345 e: davidp@abphillips.com.au


Financial Affairs AFSL 222154. Financial Affairs is part of the AB Phillips Group.