How to make a Commercial Property &/or Business claim

Make sure that the premises are safe and secure.

For glass claims, contact glazier on the emergency number to arrange repairs.

For burglary claims, contact the police to report the incident.  (Make a list of all items which have been stolen or damaged by the intruders.)  For emergency repairs to premises, contact repairer on the emergency number to arrange repairs.

General claims information that will be required includes:

  • Your name and contact details.
  • The address of the property on which you are making the claim.
  • A description of the incident (eg. fire, theft, burglary, storm).
  • Details of what has been affected by the event, eg. Broken window, roof damaged by fallen tree, stolen TV. To help speed up your claim, for electrical items please have details about the make and model handy.

Click here to complete an e-claim.

Contact person during business hours is John Welsh on 03 8586 9333.