A Christmas Driving Message for your Employees

While the Christmas break can often mean less traffic on the roads, this doesn’t necessarily translate into less traffic incidents. As an employer, why not take this opportunity to reiterate some simple safety guidelines to your employees to help keep them safe on the roads.

Numerous websites, auto clubs, insurers and State road bodies have a list of common sense safe driving hints, which you could reference in communications to your staff.

Some examples include:

Unfortunately though, in this world of information overload, a lot of people tend to ‘switch off’ at the first sign of a safety message.

To make sure your safety message is both heard and understood, it’s a good idea to personalize it. Consider using something like this:
In the lead up to Christmas and over the break, slow down and drive like you have your family in the car.

This is also a good message to keep reiterating all year round, especially to those employees that drive as part of their employment.

Often in the lead up to the Christmas break drivers are under pressure to get things done, making this a dangerous period for traffic incidents. Make sure you have a robust OH&S policy in place when it comes to reducing driver risk, so that your exposure will be minimized.  

If you’d still like to do more, why not encourage safe driving by offering your staff incentives? For example, staff with no reportable incidents between the 1st December and 31st January could get to choose from a series of envelopes containing vouchers, trips and cash.

This holiday period let’s all aim for a 0% incident rate and have a happy and safe Christmas.