Chubb Insurance win 2015 Sue Ronai Award

AB Phillips is very pleased to announce that the 2015 Sue Ronai Award for Excellence in Claims goes to Chubb Insurance.

Chubb have provided a consistently high level of customer service to AB Phillips claims staff throughout the year, managing all AB Phillips claims with professionalism and efficiency.  The award was presented by AB Phillips Director David Keys and AB Phillips Claims Manager John Welsh to the Chubb National Claims Manager in an informal ceremony at the Chubb offices on May 31st 2016.


About the award

The Sue Ronai Excellence in Claims Trophy has been awarded by AB Phillips for the last 6 years. Following discussions with Austbrokers Holdings and Austbrokers Principals in Victoria and Tasmania it was agreed that this annual award will be awarded on behalf of all Austbrokers members in Victoria and Tasmania.

The award is for the insurer that provides the best overall claims performance based on a 13 point criteria. Voting was conducted in December 2015 and then tallied soon after. 

Sue Ronai spent a long and distinguished career in the insurance industry. She spent most of her working life in claims at various major insurers, was a former Claims Manager of Zurich Insurance and was Claims Manager of Austbrokers Phillips when she passed away from cancer in 2007. Sue also spent several years in insurance recruitment at DLA Consulting.