All businesses that employ staff, no matter what size or industry, have Human Resource, Safety & Wellbeing and Workers Compensation needs and obligations. However not all businesses that employ staff have the need for, or ability to, employ in-house experts in these areas.

That's where People Matters AdviceLine can help.

People Matters AdviceLine is a dedicated 'people advisory service' that provides practical and compliant HR, Safety & Wellbeing and Workers Compensation advisory support to businesses.  For businesses with vehicles or fleets, we also provide advisory services around vehicle/fleet management, driver risk, and other fleet services. 

What makes our service unique is the tailored expert advice we provide our clients, and the level of expertise we offer. Our team are experts in the management of HR, Safety & Wellbeing and Workers Compensation and the various legislation that govern these areas, and are skillful in their ability to interpret and convey this meaningfully to business owners/managers.

An annual subscription to People Matters AdviceLine provides your business with 12-months of unlimited access to:

  • A dedicated telephone and email People Advisory Service - direct access to highly experienced HR practitioners, Safety & Wellbeing experts and Workers Compensation specialists. All calls and emails are confidential and secure, with queries logged in a secure database.
  • A dedicated website for online enquiries.
  • ‘No result, no fee’ Workers Compensation Premium Review - Our Workers Compensation experts will conduct a retrospective review of your premium structure and payments to identify any overpayments or non-compliance, potentially resulting in significant savings to your business.
  • Access to a library of tools and templates to help with the people aspects of your business.
  • Monthly Newsletter – ‘AB Phillips - People Matters - Tips and Trips’. 

  • Discounts on Project and Out of Scope services - your subscription provides you with access to a discount on all project and out of scope services.

HR and Safety & Wellbeing Advisory

A subscription to People Matters AdviceLine gives your business direct phone and email contact with our highly experience HR practitioners who are on hand to provide guidance and advice around a range of HR and Safety & Wellbeing specific issues including:

  • Fair Work Act 2009
  • National Employment Standards (NES)
  • Modern Awards / Award interpretation
  • Leave entitlements
  • Grievances and Disputes
  • Bullying, harassment, discrimination and sexual harassment
  • Absenteeism
  • Performance Management
  • Disciplinary action
  • Dismissals / Termination
  • OH&S
  • Safety and Wellbeing

Workers Compensation Advisory

A subscription to People Matters AdviceLine gives you phone and email access to our Workers Compensation experts who are on hand to discuss any issue relating to Workers Compensation such as: 

  • Return to Work (RTW)
  • RTW planning advice
  • Advice on Workers Compensation
  • Advice on preventing injuries and disease within the workplace, and assistance with maintaining healthy and safe work environments
  • Early intervention advice to ensure that injuries are prevented and claims duration and costs mitigated
  • Incident response advice (what to do when you are notified of an injury)

Please note, you must complete the Workers Compensation Advice ‘Appointment Letter’ to receive Workers Compensation advice for this service.

How does it operate?

  • Unlimited calls/emails
  • 5 days per week, 9am - 5pm (Mon-Fri AEST)
  • Closed National and Victorian/Melbourne gazetted Public Holidays


What does it cost?

The People Matters AdviceLine service is based on a 12-month subscription. There are two options for payment of the subscription. The subscription is managed via Direct Debit arrangement.

Once we have conducted a discovery session with you we will present you with a flat fee costing structure based on your unique business needs.















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