Subcontractor / Franchisee Management Program

As a business manager you know how important it is to maintain adequate and up-to-date insurance to minimise your risk exposure. But how confident are you that your subcontractors / franchisees are also adequately insured?

There are a variety of risks that subcontractors / franchisees pose to your business, and if they do not have the correct insurance in place you may be liable for any claims that arise. For this reason it is vital that you monitor and manage the insurance programs of your franchisees to minimise the risk exposure to your business.

Subcontractor / Franchisee Insurance Requirements

The insurance requirements of your franchisees will vary depending upon your industry. AB Phillips advisors have the industry knowledge and experience to advise on what insurance is required to protect the assets and livelihood of your business and in turn, your subcontractors / franchisees.

This may include:

  • Public Liability
  • Tools of Trade
  • Marine Transit    
  • Motor Vehicle
  • Workers Compensation
  • Income Protection
  • Professional Indemnity

Benefits of the program

AB Phillips Subcontractor / Franchisee Management Program can take the worry out of subcontractor/franchisee models and lessen the administration for you and your staff. This service is free to all our business insurance clients and provides you and your sub-contractors/franchisees with peace of mind in knowing you will be covered in the event of a claim.  

As part of this program we will:

  • Contact your franchisees and obtain Certificates of Currency for their insurances.
  • Review their cover to make sure it is adequate.
  • Prepare a report containing all your franchisees insurance details for your records.
  • Offer competitive insurance quotes to your franchisees (if they require them).
  • Repeat this process annually.

As General Insurance business clients, you and your subcontractors / franchisees will have free access to our acclaimed AdviceLine to help you manage any Workers Compensation issues or claims you may have.


Financial Support

We will also provide financial support to the Master Franchise where AB Phillips is appointed to any new business insurance program won through franchisees as part of the program.  

Your subcontractors / franchisees will be provided with a premium product including preferential premium rating as a franchisee within this program.  In addition they will be appointed with a dedicated Account Manager and Claims Management Service.

For further information about the Subcontractors / Franchisee Management Program please contact Alvin Rafferty, Business Development Manager on (03) 8586 9313 or email