AdvantageCard - our exciting, new Customer Benefits program…


How it works - AdvantageCard

Welcome to our exciting new Customer Benefits program!

We're excited to offer you one of the most generous rewards programs in the market - where you can save and be rewarded at the same time!

Every time you take advantage of one of the special offers available from over 100 participating businesses, you automatically earn AdvantageCard points — which you can save towards the holiday of your dreams — or simply redeem for that special item with one of our participating businesses…

To redeem your AdvantageCard points, simply call 1300 552 114 - it's that easy!

The table below outlines details the points you can earn (and their value) by simply shopping with any of our participating businesses:

Points EarnedValue

We'll be regularly adding new stores as they join our coalition — so be sure to take advantage of some of the great offers available!

Happy shopping!

Jenny Brown
Customer Service Manager

P.S. Don't forget to check out — where you can buy a gift card from your favourite retailer — and earn points at the same time!