Australian Window Association

AB Phillips is proud to be the preferred insurance and risk advisor to the Australian Window Association (AWA)

The Australian Window Association is made up of nearly 600 window manufacturers and industry suppliers throughout Australia. Members of the association have products tested to Australian Standard AS2047. You can be confident that products are made to withstand Australian conditions when purchasing from an AWA member. Don't risk costly replacement of non-compliant products that are not suited to Australian conditions.

The mission of the AWA is to be the peak membership organisation of the Australian fenestration industry, to endorse compliant, sustainable and fit-for-purpose products and to provide services to members that support their efforts to operate successfully.

The aims of the AWA are:

  • To promote and advance the awareness of windows as a major architectural component in building design.
  • To establish and self-regulate minimum benchmark standards throughout Australia. To facilitate the education and marketing of these standards throughout the industry and wider community.
  • To provide a national voice when representing the industry in discussion and negotiations with government, local authorities, business and trade associations and organisations, and the private sector.
  • To promote and encourage ethical conduct and sound business practice in the industry. 

Our insurance for AWA Members

We have developed a comprehensive Business Insurance program that is tailored specifically to the Glass and Glazing Industry. We will ensure the needs of AWA Members are well served as we work closely with them to:

  • Improve current insurance covers where cover is not adequate.
  • Save money on the overall cost of insurance and risk program.
  • Deliver valuable benefits to businesses through our range of services all in the one location – saving members time and money.   

Our unique and comprehensive service offering includes:

  • Genuine service and support.  We like to do business on first name terms and work in partnership with you over time.  
  • A full risk analysis of your business.  We will highlight potential exposures you might face.
  • Preferential policies with specifically tailored policy extensions.  Providing broader cover and preferential pricing.
  • Assistance with claims.  Our claims specialists will work with you in the event of a claim to protect your interests.

Workers Compensation Services

In addition to providing a comprehensive Business Insurance Program, AB Phillips also offers a specialised Workers Compensation program where the key goal is to reduce the cost of Workers Compensation to business through early intervention strategies.

We can provide:

  • Review of your current premium and claims to identify any potential refunds and ensure your Workers compensation premium structure is compliant.  
  • Injury Management – we have a team of specialists who can provide support over the phone or email, potentially at no cost.  
  • Injury Prevention – we can work with you to implement a robust injury prevention strategy in line with current OH&S laws and regulations.  Learn more here>

Personal Services

AWA Members can also utilise our private client services for their personal financial and insurance needs. We offer:

  • Personal Asset Insurance – They can insure your car, home and boat, ensuring the right cover is in place.  Learn more here>
  • Financial Planning Services – This area of the business is very focussed on achieving client outcome and focus on the following areas of advice:
  • Financial and Investment structure.  Asset protection, tax and asset transfer effectiveness.
  • Income Protection.  Access to 18 life insurers with competitive options to protect you and your family.
  • Superannuation and SMSF.  building tax effective retirement savings, maximising contributions and investing for the long term.
  • Pre and Post Retirement strategies.  The 10 years pre and post retirement are critical and AB Phillips employ a range of strategies to protect you.  
  • Finance and Mortgage services
  • Accounting and Taxation services

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