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We have made some big changes to our Workers Compensation services! These changes mean that clients’ receive benefits that will make a real difference to the way they record claims, train staff, improve staff engagement, while having access to an expert at AB Phillips.

In partnership with Employers Mutual Limited (EML) our brand new Workers Compensation package comes with lots of great additional benefits and advantages to clients including (but not limited to):

  • An online workers’ compensation claims portal

  • 12 online training modules per year on topics including, but not limited to, safety/incident management conflict resolution, contractor management, bullying and harassment.

  • A Wellbeing Program that looks at wellness programs that can reduce sick leave, absenteeism, worker's’ compensation costs but also enhance a good culture and a place where people want to work

These services would normally cost an employer in excess of $25,000.

To complement EML’s service offering AB Phillips has engaged Action OHS as our preferred referral partner to provide you with the OHS Essentials package at no cost.* This fully-funded service allows Action OHS to visit your workplace, help identify hazards and provide you, the Employer, with a practical safety action plan ensuring you are getting advice relevant to your specific business risks.*

As part of our package you will also receive a 12-month subscription to our People Matters Advice providing you with unlimited phone and/or email advice via our People Solutions team who are experts in their respective fields (HR/IR, Safety & Wellbeing and Workers Compensation).

To take up this incredible offer please complete and return our Letter of Appointment form to

*Victorian businesses only.


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