ONE DAY FUN DAY - A free day of fun for 10,000 disadvantaged kids across Australia!


The environmental organisation and the search engine start-up, have launched a crowd-funding campaign to help put on an amazing event called One Day Fun Day on 14th September.

This is a day of free fun for 10,000 sick, at risk, marginalised or vulnerable kids (and their carers) around Australia.

It’s a massive task so Odonata and FunSearch are hoping people can chip in to help them make it a success.

A donation of just $10 will help put a smile on a face!

Please donate to help bring a day of fun to thousands of kids who need it most.

If you’d like to donate, please visit this link now:

Please also forward this page to your contacts and help spread word too!

Follow @FunSearchAu on Instagram and Facebook and @OdonataOrgAu on Facebook to stay up to date.

Some background on the initiative can be found here -

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