Caravan Industry Association (CIA) Victorian Trades Division

The Caravan Trade & Industries Association of Victoria has been the voice of Victoria’s caravan and camping industry since 1952. It was formed by a group of caravan manufacturers, hirers and private individuals with a keen interest in the “family lifestyle” caravanning can offer. CIA Victoria aims to constantly grow the caravan and camping industry in Victoria through actively promoting the economic and lifestyle benefits of outdoor recreational experiences to the general public.

CIA Victoria represents manufacturers, retailers and service providers in the caravan and camping industry, including caravans, motor homes, 5th wheelers, tent trailers, tents, accessories, relocatable homes, hire facilities and repair services.  Victoria is the leading producer of Drive Tourism related products. Over 80 per cent of all caravan and associated equipment sold in Australia is manufactured in Victoria.

AB Phillips has collaborated with CIA Victoria to provide tailored risk and insurance solutions.  We have negotiated exclusive arrangements with insurers on cover and price specifically for the major segments of the CIA including Manufacturers, Dealers, Importers and Suppliers.  These segments of the industry each have unique needs and we can cater for their very specific and tailored cover requirements. 

Many insurance brokers and clients don’t understand that many standard policies contain exclusions rendering them inadequate for businesses operating in the Caravan industry.  As insurance and risk experts we can provide options and inclusions to ensure that all your exposures are covered. 

Some major areas of cover often not included or highlighted to clients are:

  • Hail Cover to unregistered caravans, stock and work in progress whilst in the open air.
  • Theft of unregistered caravan stock in the open air.
  • Trade Plate cover driving and testing customer vans.
  • Motor Vehicle extensions to include customer test drives or tows.
  • Defective workmanship extension option for service and repair to caravans.
  • Stock cover for Exhibitions and Trade Events Australia wide.
  • Public and Products Liability extensions to protects manufacturers, retails and suppliers for liabilities arising out of caravans during road or accommodation use.

If you are a member of the Caravan Industry Association, find out what AB Phillips can do for your business. Contact our CIA Account Manager, Nigel Symss on (03)8586-9358 or

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