Funsearch is a visual search engine of fun which means it displays photos and videos of all kinds of fun from around Australia, not thousands of hard to navigate, undifferentiated links.

It was made to solve a year round and recurring search problem for Australians who want all fun in one spot, while it also services significant Australian business sectors including Visitor Economy (encompassing Inclusive Tourism and Travel) Leisure, Recreation and Vacation Care businesses and organisations.

FunSearch are proud partners with ABPhillips - experts in insurance for the tourism, leisure, and recreation sectors as well as a full range of other financial services for industry and individuals.

Discounted Roadside Assistance packages available through Funsearch

Through, AB Phillips offer discounted Roadside Assistance packages to get Funsearch users on the road to their fun destination without the worry of breakdowns. Just search for ‘roadside assistance’ at

Tailored business insurance packages for businesses advertising on Funsearch

AB Phillips are experts in insurance for the industry of fun! Contact us on 1300 242 136 and speak to Joel about getting the right insurance at the right price.