Safety & Wellbeing

We specialise in offering support, guidance and advice on managing safety & wellbeing in your workplace.

Our approach places strong emphasis on legislative compliance, culture change and simplification of processes. We can independently measure and evaluate your current safety & wellbeing position, creating a benchmark for process improvement and a platform for a safer and healthier work environment.

Below is a summary of safety & wellbeing services we can provide in a way that suits you and your business.

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OHS Audit & Review

On-site audits including documentation reviews, site inspections and stakeholder interviews with the aim to identify areas of non-compliance in the workplace. We present finding and recommendation to the business and determine the best way to proceed.

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WHS Management Systems

We create tailored documentation for your business such as WHS Safety manuals, individual workplace health and safety policies and procedures, employee handbooks, induction packs and workplace health and safety toolkits.

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Injury Prevention Service

We work with businesses to implement a robust injury prevention strategy in line with WHS laws and regulations to assist companies in the reduction and prevention of on-site injuries.

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Director and Officer Due Diligence Executive Briefings - Duty of Care

We provide assistance in identifying appropriate measure to monitor workplace safety performance and workplace safety issues. We assist directors and business owners with regular reporting that ensures the organisation and its leaders uphold their responsibilities and duty of care obligations.

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Safety & Wellbeing Programs and Training

We create tailored programs for your business, focusing on what can be done to improve the health and wellbeing of your employees and take into consideration environmental and behavioural influences.

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Fleet Services

Our fleet services can help you improve driver safety, remove the stress from managing motor vehicle incidents, improve cost efficiencies associated with running a fleet, and provide financing solutions. We provide services including incident reviews, insurance broking, financial services, driver safety and incident prevention.

How we deliver

We offer our People Matters Advice and consultation and implementation services to businesses which cover many areas of human resources, workers compensation and safety & wellbeing.


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