Tax Audit Insurance

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Protection from unexpected tax and government audits.

Our affordable tax audit insurance provides cover for:

  • The widest range of ATO, federal and state investigations

  • Accountancy fees incurred in responding to enquiries, questionnaires, audits, reviews and investigations of clients’ lodged returns, including those from previous years

  • Private and public entities as well as Self Managed Super Funds

  • High turnover entities, currently up to $50 million

  • Multiple shareholders (need to be a 50% shareholder to be included under the head entity’s cover) ensuring protection for larger entities

  • Specialist professional fees if tax and superannuation advice or a legal opinion is required

  • All of a client’s commonly owned legal entities, directors and their families under one premium

  • No excess to pay on legal or accountancy fees involved in an audit, including legal defence and appeals.

Our tax audit insurance is provided through our subsidiary Tax Audit Insurance Australia.

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