We deliver high quality business insurance to any business in any industry.

When it comes to insurance, it's most definitely 'all in the fine print'. That's why using an experienced insurance advisor that knows your business type and industry is critical. Each of our insurance advisors' focus on placing and tailoring insurance for a specific type of business or industry. When you come to us with an insurance query you can be confident you are getting advice from someone that knows what is relevant to you. 

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Solutions for Corporate Enterprises

General Business Insurance Products

Business Insurance can be complicated. There are many different types of insurance products designed to cover various types of risks. If we can't find a product on the market to cover your unique business risk, we will devise a customised solution in conjunction with our vast network of underwriters.

Below is some general information explaining some of the more common types of business insurance.

Professional Lines Insurance Products

Industry Specialities

We have specialist insurance products to meet the unique needs of various industries. See below for links to what we can offer to different industry groups.

Our service and capabilities

Our service

We start by providing you with a thorough insurance review and advisory service.  Our process is thorough, efficient and requires very little time or involvement from you. Here's how it works:

  1. Analysis: We conduct a thorough analysis of your business and your current level of insurance cover.

  2. Assessment: We assess where you have gaps in your cover or where your cover is inappropriate to your needs.

  3. Recommendation: We present a recommendation (proposal) to you based on our assessment.

  4. Implementation: We work with you to refine the proposal until you are happy and then implement the insurance program.

  5. Review: Prior to renewing your policy we conduct a review of your insurance program to ensure it is still meeting your needs.

  6. Claims Management: If you need to make a claim, we do all the work for you right through to settlement.

Our capabilities

Blue-chip strength meets boutique customisation and service.

Through our vast networks and experience we can insure any risk and are not limited to 'standard' insurance products. For larger businesses we can broker a tailored insurance program to meet complex needs or provide smaller businesses with competitive solutions complete with peace-of-mind that they've 'got it all covered'.

We place insurance with all the big insurance underwriting agencies as well as hundreds of smaller 'niche' agencies, and know where to go to get our clients optimal cover at an acceptable price. 

And because we're backed by AUB Group, the largest equity-based risk management, advice and solutions provider in Australasia, you can feel confident of our stability, and enjoy the competitive advantages that being part of a broader organisation can bring. All whilst receiving your own account manager and one-to-one personal service.


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