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There is no denying that risk management will help to protect your business now and in the future. The question is, who can you trust to understand your business as well as you do, and will hope for the best but insure you for the worst.

General Insurance Products

Large corporate organisations have complex insurance needs. Our Corporate Insurance department has been servicing corporate clients for more than 20 years. We understand the intricacies involved in insuring big business and can provide 'bluechip solutions with boutique service'.

At AB Phillips we utilise our broad network and buying power via the AUB Group, to deliver comprehensive and competitive solutions. Our general insurance products include:

Professional Lines Insurance Products

People Management Solutions

Our People Matters team devise and implement solutions across all areas of people management to take the time and worry out of managing people. We build our recommendations to meet your needs and implement out strategies with minimal impact to your business operations. 

Financial services 

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