Private Equity and Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Services


AB Phillips Private Equity and M&A Services practice develops solutions that help private equity firms, corporations, alternative asset managers, lenders, and infrastructure investors manage M&A risks in a highly structured and efficient manner. We help you sign and complete the deal, minimise and transfer deal risks, and achieve your cost and revenue goals.

We recognise each deal has its own lifecycle, and we work with you before, during and after each transaction. The complexity of a merger and acquisition and the inevitable lack of definition in the early stages, creates substantial inherent risks. Mitigating these demands skilled and dedicated advisers who can identify these risks and opportunities in an organised and efficient manner and then build a comprehensive solution. We work in parallel with the deal cycle, providing information and adding value at each stage of the transaction process.

Our expertise

Transactions often happen fast and generate a life of their own. As a result, you need an exceptional transaction execution team to address a full range of risk and people issues – from transaction risk solutions, to due diligence and post-merger integration. AB Phillips Private Equity and M&A Services examines all aspects of the transaction to identify large opportunities, uncover obstacles and ensure that investments are protected. We conduct comprehensive risk reviews to devise innovative solutions to transfer or eliminate transactional risks, including environmental risks, and ultimately facilitate the successful completion of your transaction.

As an AB Phillips client you can be comfortable you have exceptional solutions and national support. With a dedicated team with decades of experience, and support from our Australian and London underwriters, AB Phillips Professional Lines has an exceptional ability to provide support for mergers, acquisitions and other corporate change events. In Australia, over 100 AB Phillips employees provide support to corporations across all industries on their risk and people needs.

Our key M&A and Transaction solutions include:

Transaction Liability Insurance

  • Warranty & Indemnity Insurance

  • Tax Liability Insurance

  • Litigation Insurance

  • Contingent Liability Insurance

  • Public Offering of Securities / IPO Insurance

Insurance Due Diligence Services

Specialised insurance due diligence is a vital component in any effective M&A due diligence process. It can identify potential future risks and provides an analysis of the effectiveness of existing insurance solutions, allowing potential liabilities to be identified, quantified and if necessary, contained or transferred.

Environmental Liability Insurance

Specialist insurance products and risk advisory services designed to help buyers and sellers manage environmental risks in M&A transactions.

Human Resource M&A and Transaction Solutions

Helping you understand and manage the costs and risks of your workforce and its leadership, which facilitates a successful deal completion and ongoing business improvement.