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Insurance for your home, contents, vehicles & prized possessions.

Your home, your car and all your personal items add up to more than just material things - they are the pillars upon which you have built a life for the people you love. So when it comes to protecting them, it's important to choose a quality insurance cover that actually does what you need it to do. Our personal asset insurance policies are of a high-quality and cover many of the things that other policies don't, plus you get all the benefits of a personal account manager and our full claims management service.


Home & contents insurance

High quality insurance for your
home, contents or both.



Motor vehicle insurance

Competitive insurance for you car, motorbike, or boat with a range of optional features to tailor to your needs.


Caravan insurance

Tailored insurance policies for your motor home,
caravan or camper.


Body corporate & strata

Home and contents insurance specifically for body corporate and strata managers. Download a quote request form here>

Why should you use a broker for your personal asset insurances?

There are many excellent and important reasons why you should!

  • Brokers have access to a broader market and can use their network strength to negotiate a good deal for you.

  • Brokers often have access to policies not available on the open market.

  • Brokers use their expertise in insurance to ensure that their clients have the right level of cover for their individual circumstances, and aren’t left exposed in any way.

  • Brokers do all the legwork, making the process of sourcing, negotiating and securing the right insurance a breeze for clients.

  • If a broker offers Claims Management, this can be a huge asset to the client as Claims Managers have the expertise and networks to secure the best possible outcome for the client in negotiations with Underwriters - not to mention saving the client valuable time.

AB Phillips offers a full Claims Management service to all clients

Often when people are sourcing insurance for their assets they look for the cheapest policy and don’t consider what might happen if they need to make a claim. The claims process can be the true test of an insurance policy - it can be time consuming, complicated and frustrating, particularly if it’s not going your way!

Having an experienced Claims Manager to take care of this process for you from claim lodgement through to settlement is a huge advantage and can save you hours of time. AB Phillips Claims Managers are highly experienced and have excellent relationships with Underwriters, which can make all the difference when it comes to getting a good outcome on your claim.

We provide a 24/7 claims service which means there is always someone there to assist you.

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