Cyber and Privacy Protection Insurance


Cyber attacks and breaches of privacy are commonplace these days with businesses and organisations of all types and sizes at risk.

Cyber and Privacy Protection Insurance can help protect businesses from the financial impact of a cyber-attack or a privacy breach.

Cyber and privacy protection insurance covers costs associated with unauthorised use or access to intellectual property and proprietary information including personal data, corporate data, outsourcing liability, security liability and potential network interruption.

Costs incurred may include investigations, communications, hardware/software replacement.

Features may include:

  • Cover for your civil liability resulting from data breaches

  • Contractual fines coverage, including credit card company and PCI fines, arising from privacy breaches

  • Cover for your own costs to notify individuals in the event of a privacy breach where required by law and the cost of actions taken to mitigate a larger liability claim

  • System repair and restoration cover in the event of accidental damage to data, including a computer virus or hack attack

  • Cover for your lost revenue arising from system downtime after a computer virus or hack attack

  • Electronic fraud coverage

  • Cover for your liability arising from a breach of statutory ecommerce duties

  • Media liability cover for electronic content, including intellectual property rights infringement and defamation

  • Give you cover you for claims made anywhere in the world as standard

  • An experienced claims panel will react quickly and locally, from privacy breach notification to electronic fraud investigation

  • If your brand is at risk, they will hire PR consultants to manage the impact.