Investment Manager Insurance (IMI)


Investment Managers Insurance (IMI) is a unique product specifically designed for the Investment Community to suit the complex environment and the increasingly frequent litigation which can arise.

The policy is designed to protect investment managers, responsible entities, investment trusts or funds and their professionals, as well as directors and officers of these entities. The policy provides cover for both the entity and the individuals.

The policy provides the following important covers:

  •  Professional Liability insurance provides cover to the investment manager and funds when providing investment advisory services.

  • Crime cover provides protection to the investment manager and the funds for loss following theft by employees or any other person.

  • Professional Indemnity insurance provides cover to the entity and the individuals within the investment manager and funds for actions taken against them for Professional Indemnity claims.

  • Directors and Officer Liability/Company Reimbursement Insurance is included to protect both professional indemnity claims and management liability claims against investment advisors/managers and funds, including senior managers, directors and compliance committee members.