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General Insurance for commercial businesses and industry groups is a key area of expertise for AB Phillips. Every industry is different and faces unique risks and exposures, and that's where our experience comes to the fore. Some risks are considered too 'risky' for many insurers and can be difficult to place. No matter how niche your industry, or how unique or great your risk, we can find an insurance solution to cover it.


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We can help you supply insurance solutions to your clients. Click here to download and complete a quotation request form. Please email the form to

Subcontractor/Franchisee Management Program

As a business manager you know how important it is to maintain adequate and up-to-date insurance to minimise your risk exposure. But how confident are you that your subcontractors / franchisees are also adequately insured? There are a variety of risks that subcontractors / franchisees pose to your business, and if they do not have the correct insurance in place you may be liable for any claims that arise. For this reason it is vital that you monitor and manage the insurance programs of your subcontractors / franchisees to minimise the risk exposure to your business.

Subcontractor / Franchisee Insurance Requirements

The insurance requirements of your subcontractors/franchisees will vary depending upon your industry. AB Phillips advisors have the industry knowledge and experience to advise on what insurance is required to protect the assets and livelihood of your business and in turn, your subcontractors / franchisees.

To learn more about this program, contact us here or call 1300 242 136.


AB Phillips Pulse is an innovative business expense review and management service that can cut the costs of doing business.

Pulse reviews your business expenditure across Insurance, Energy, Telecommunications, IT and WorkCover and uses AB Phillips’ group buying power to help get you a better deal.


People Management Solutions

If you employ people you will have human resources, workers compensation and safety & wellbeing needs and requirements. We can make this simple for you and offer two delivery options.

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