One of the subbies fell in a pool shell a few weeks back – has been off work since. Will our WorkCover policy take care of his claim?


Each time you hire a contractor you need to determine if they're considered a 'worker' by WorkSafe – if so, you become their employer for WorkCover insurance purposes and will have liability for claim/return to work processes.  

If the contractor is deemed to be a worker, the employer must also declare the payments made to the contractor in their rateable remuneration.

If not deemed a 'worker' the contractor would need to be covered under their own policy.

You can use this tool to determine if someone is a ‘worker’ by Worksafe.

We strongly suggest that whenever engaging subcontractors, your request a copy of their public liability, workers compensation/personal accident insurance. 

AB Phillips offer a free review and analysis of your subcontractors insurance certificates, to ensure that they are correctly insured, which will mitigate the risk of subcontractor actions falling back on your business.

We can consult either with yourself or directly with your subcontractor if we find any areas that require attention and also provide them with a comparison quote.

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