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Australian Occupational Health and Safety (Legal) Context and Changes for Western Australia

As busy business owners and operators it is difficult to keep up with the various legislation and legislative changes that occur which are relevant to you. In this article we discuss Australian Occupational Health and Safety. We provide some context on the current OHS landscape, discuss the Western Australia Work Health and Safety Proposed Act changes and provide some information on recent workplace occupational health and safety issues and incidents.

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Protecting your business against extreme weather

Australia is a land of extreme weather, and whilst there is nothing we can do to stop it occurring, we can control the extent to which we are impacted by it.  Where business is concerned, controlling the level of damage that a business suffers as a result of extreme weather, and the speed at which it recovers depends entirely upon the directors and management. Regardless of the size of the business there are some fundamental strategies that should be implemented to increase business resilience to the impact of extremes in weather.

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Planning for the future: Retirement planning tips for small business owners

Many small business owners forfeit their superannuation and retirement funding to re-invest in their business, and as a result may find a lot of their retirement wealth caught up in their business value. If you are a business owner approaching retirement, it is especially important to maximise the value of your business upon sale so that the proceeds can be used to fund your future.

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