Exclusive Insurance Facility For EPS Insulated Panels

In an Australian first, AB Phillips has teamed up with the Insulated Panel Council Australasia (IPCA) to deliver an exclusive Insurance Facility designed to insure certain panel classes.

AB Phillips has partnered with an insurer to set up an exclusive insurance facility for businesses utilising buildings with substantial EPS panel construction. This facility is only available for certain Certified Panels and Installation.

The facility is market leading in that it recognises certain classes of EPS panels present a lower fire risk than traditional panels and as a result are eligible to receive lower insurance premiums.


In Australia, the cost to insure a building containing insulated panels is historically three to four times the cost to insure a brick or concrete building. This is because all insulated panels have long been treated as equals by insurance underwriters despite the differences in fire risk.

AB Phillips have worked with its exclusive insurance market to devise an insurance facility that accommodates the risk reduction presented in certain panels and are now able to offer an insurance facility for a significantly lower premium than was previously possible.

If you insure a building containing EPS Insulated Panels contact our EPS experts today to find out if you are eligible for this new facility and significant savings on your annual insurance premium.

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