Frame and Truss Manufacturers Association (FTMA)

The Frame & Truss Manufacturers Association of Australia Ltd (FTMA Australia) is an independent, national organisation representing fabricators of and suppliers to the pre-fabricated timber Truss
and Wallframe industry. The major aims of the FTMA Australia are to provide a unified voice, to protect and advance the two billion dollar industry and to be involved in the setting of standards and guidelines that serve as benchmarks for all those who deal with the industry.

AB Phillips is proud to be the preferred supplier of insurance, risk and financial services to the Frame and Truss Manufacturers Association (FTMA). 

Exclusive offer to FTMA Members

Members of the FTMA can enjoy the following exclusive benefits from AB Phillips:

  • General Insurance - Access to our exclusive Timber insurance facility, which provides competitive rates and a broad range of cover. This facility is not available through any other broker or underwriter directly.

  • Trade Credit Insurance - An exclusive Trade Credit Insurance product specifically designed for the Timber Industry and only available to members of the TMA and FTMA.

  • Workers Compensation - Access to our highly acclaimed Workers Compensation AdviceLine Service at no cost.

  • Expert Advice - We have over 20 years’ experience in insurance for the timber industry. We do all the leg work for you to ensure you get the best policy for the right price. We are constantly surveying the market to ensure our clients have the best products for their requirements.

  • Priority Claims Management Service - We have a specialist team of claims experts who will work for you in the event of a claim. They will work with you to protect your interests and minimize your exposure(s).


The Timber Industry presents some unique risks and challenges, that’s why it’s important to have a specifically designed insurance and risk programme prepared by people who understand your industry.

AB Phillips has provided tailored insurance solutions to the Timber Industry for more than 20 years. We understand the potential risks your business is exposed to and can tailor solutions that will cost effectively protect you and your assets.

Workers Compensation Services

AB Phillips offer a comprehensive Workers Compensation risk program that includes:

  • Review Services

  • Injury Management Services

  • Injury Prevention Services

  • Policy Placement and Structure (Applicable only to WA, ACT, NT and TAS)

FTMA Members are provided with free access to our Workers Compensation AdviceLine service which includes over the phone or email support from our team of Workers Compensations Specialists.

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If you are a member of the Frame and Truss Manufacturers Association find out what AB Phillips can do for your business.  Call us for an obligation free discussion on 1300 242 136 or email

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