Take control of your financial future

Every individual has a different story and is at a different point in their personal journey.

Whether you are building a business, raising a family or setting up a legacy to leave behind it can be difficult to navigate the best path to lead you to your goals. That’s where sound financial advice can help.

AB Phillips don’t just provide insurance, they also offer a full suite of financial services to help FTMA members reach their financial goals.* As the FTMA’s preferred provider of risk management solutions, you can feel confident about AB Phillips expertise and experience.

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Be proactive and avoid the underinsurance trap

There are many reasons a business may be underinsured; costly premiums, lack of awareness of risk assessment, poor understanding of insurance policies, or failing to update policies as the business grows or acquires new assets. The problem lies when things go wrong and an underinsured business needs to make a claim, their policies won’t provide adequate cover for the loss, and business owners are left to pick up the pieces. Don’t let this happen to your business!

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