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Expert telephone and email advice in all matters relating to Human Resources, Workers Compensation and Safety & Wellbeing.

People Matters Advice lets you focus on business by reducing the amount of time you spend managing your people. This may be traditional ‘employees’ or contractors / subcontractors or other forms of engagement. In all cases, your business has obligations to those who work for you. We build our recommendations specifically to meet your needs and implement our strategies with minimal impact to your business operations. What makes our service unique is the tailored expert advice we provide our clients, and the level of expertise we offer.

What’s included?

A 12-month subscription to People Matters Advice provides you with unlimited, direct access via phone or email to highly experienced HR practitioners, Safety & Wellbeing experts, Workers Compensation specialists.

What it covers:
Telephone and email advisory across a broad range of areas:

Human Resources
Performance management; legislative employment obligations; wages, salary and leave entitlements; terminations, grievance and workplace disputes.

Safety & Wellbeing
OHS management; injury & incident prevention and response; fleet/driver risk; legal obligations; workplace wellbeing.

Workers Compensation
Injury management; WorkCover premiums; Return to Work.

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