Staff Australia Pty. Ltd.

“Staff Australia has been partnered with AB Phillips for more than 10 years now.

When we engage advisory services from companies we make a point that they must have a similar culture to us, share the same values and are aligned with our ethics and principles. The team at AB Phillips have been this and more.

They are always looking for ways to increase the value they provide to us, they not only share the values our business stands for but live them in every way.”

Shaun Foley
Staff Australia Pty. Ltd.

Mortgages and finance client

Andrew, we would like to thank you for all the work you put in on our behalf. Much appreciated.

Will certainly keep you in mind if we happen to go through this type of exercise again and happy to recommend you to anyone we know who is about to.

L. Del Mastro
Mortgage and finance client

Mortgages and finance client

Thank you to Andrew and the Finance & Mortgage Team at AB Phillips for all your hard work and professionalism in organising the refinance of my current property and the purchase of my second property off the plan. 

Your knowledge of the process, along with your support and guidance along the way was invaluable and your personal service and willingness to deal directly with my conveyancer made the process so much easier.

Nora B.
Mortgage and Finance client

Mortgages and finance client

We wish to express our appreciation to the Finance and Mortgage Department at AB Phillips. My wife and I were recently referred to AB Phillips to refinance our home to a cheaper interest rate and access additional funds to purchase a new spa.

Their approach was both professional and reassuring, taking the time to understand our personal situation and needs.  They outlined the savings we could achieve by refinancing our home loan and consolidating a personal loan at a more competitive interest rate and how these savings could be used towards funding the purchase of our spa.

 Debbie & Brian D.
Mortgage and Finance client

Ego Pharmaceuticals Pty. Ltd.

We moved from a large international broking firm to AB Phillips about 7 years ago and have never regretted it.

We immediately came to appreciate their personal and first class service on all aspects of insurance, and the benefits of dealing direct with the principals of the business.

It's all the extra things they do that make the difference at no extra cost. They bend over backwards for us.

Because they are located nearby we see more of them, and more often than if they were located in the CBD.

They have always been keenly interested in everything we do and in doing so, they have continued to add value to their service offering along the way.

Our businesses have grown together and we know we are just as important to them as any of their other clients.  

Brian Gridley, Finance & Administration Manager
Ego Pharmaceuticals

Barwon Timber & Hardware

AB Phillips conducted a review of our workers compensation and remuneration procedures in February 2008.  We received on site training, on how to identify ongoing claims and small claims that were better being managed internally.  Also the help we received enabled us to identify overstated wages which meant we received a refund on overpaid premiums from the 2003/2004 period onwards.

The information assisted us in doing our Declaration of Rateable Remuneration stating only the portion of wages that need to be included to calculate our premium.

In summary they gave us the opportunity to identify improvements in the way our company manages potential and actual claims.  This has resulted in fewer claims which have ultimately had a positive impact on our annual premium.

Deb Green, Accounts
Barwon Timber & Hardware

Daalder Exhausts

Thank you for the opportunity to express my gratitude for the work you have done for me. It is reassuring to know that in the world of employee rights and those who actively advertise to uphold these rights, we as employers are not alone and have someone who is capable and willing to go in and bat for us - you have pulled me out of the mire in the past and I thankyou for it. 

Alan Turner
Daalder Exhausts

IES Group

With all of the everyday pressures of running a business, workers compensation is an area where an experts attention is not only absolutely appreciated, but definitely a requirement. AB Phillips has always been there to guide me through the difficult claims, legislation and to help minimize costs of workcover premiums. 

We would not have been able to tackle the difficulties of understanding and handling any of the claims without Peters help.

Rita Rubinstein
IES Group

Clifton Framework

I cannot recommend the services of AB Phillips highly enough. The ease with which we were guided through the WorkCover Premium Review was a reflection of the diligence and professionalism of both yourself and your team. Any question or queries were always dealt with promptly, and the rebate received was certainly welcome! I would be happy to act as a reference for the service provided, feel free to pass on my details. 

Andrew Rovers, Project Manager
Clifton Framework

Know Your Business Consulting

As a bookkeeper I am often called upon to advise and organise insurance policies for my clients.

I have recently engaged Casey Van Der Haar to manage the workcover policies for one of my clients who employs in 7 states. Casey’s knowledge and professionalism has taken an onerous task and brought all the policies together seamlessly, and has lightened my work load considerably. 

Casey has been a wonderful resource that I have come to rely on for my own, and my clients insurance needs.

I have no hesitation in recommending Casey and I will definitely be calling on her more in the future when my clients have a need for her professional services.

Kate Jackson
Know Your Business Consulting


We are extremely satisfied with the high standard of service offered to us by the qualified and efficient team at AB Phillips. During the past two years we have been working closely with the team at AB Phillips and can say with confidence that this is a company with high integrity and offers a high quality service.

The team have been providing a high level of professional service as well as continuous support through managing our Workcover claims. We always receive strategic advice on how to manage a claim the best possible way.

Also, we would like to commend the vision of AB Phillips which is to establish long term client focused relationships where honesty, enthusiasm and integrity are paramount. Their experience and understanding of our business exceeds our expectations. 

Jayco would encourage other business to work with AB Phillips to reap the benefits like we have.

Kind regards,

Donna Paxton, Human Resources Manager

Uniting Aged Care

I would like to thank you for the Premium Review you conducted for Uniting Aged Care and the excellent result you obtained for us.

As well as achieving an advantageous financial outcome for the organisation, it was extremely reassuring to receive expert advice and insight both into areas that were foreseen as problematic, as with contractors, as well as those where we were found to be unreasonably confident - the workplace industry classifications spring to mind in this instance.

The previous Workcover audit had not brought to light the incorrect workplace classifications that you immediately queried, and that were resolved in our favour.

You made the process of our involvement quite straightforward, and not time consuming, whilst you provided very timely outcomes. It’s also a great bonus of course that it is you who then deals with the insurer on our behalf.

I would have no hesitation in recommending your services through AB Phillips, to other employers, and have already done so to other arms of our organisation that function separately from aged care.

Thank you again for your work and support.

Robyn Strachan, Payroll Manager
Uniting Aged Care

Outdoor Timber Group

At first I was sceptical, when I was told by an insurance company, “we can save you money!”  But I thought, “What do I have to lose?”  It’s a free assessment after all.  WorkCover insurance is something we need, but hate paying.
After having a chat with Troy from AB Phillips, we filled out their survey.  Not long after I received the results of our review.  Apparently our workplace was incorrectly classified and we were due for a refund.  Much to my delight it was a very high five figure refund, backdated 3 years!
We signed up with AB Phillips and banked the refund.  They also supplied ongoing advice on how to reduce the amount and impact of claims.

Ever since then we have outperformed the industry rate.

AB Phillips is our secret, but it’s one we love to share!

Garrie James
Outdoor Timber Group