Outdoor Timber Group

At first I was sceptical, when I was told by an insurance company, “we can save you money!”  But I thought, “What do I have to lose?”  It’s a free assessment after all.  WorkCover insurance is something we need, but hate paying.
After having a chat with Troy from AB Phillips, we filled out their survey.  Not long after I received the results of our review.  Apparently our workplace was incorrectly classified and we were due for a refund.  Much to my delight it was a very high five figure refund, backdated 3 years!
We signed up with AB Phillips and banked the refund.  They also supplied ongoing advice on how to reduce the amount and impact of claims.

Ever since then we have outperformed the industry rate.

AB Phillips is our secret, but it’s one we love to share!

Garrie James
Outdoor Timber Group