Does your business need a Code of Conduct?


A code of conduct is an ideal way to realise desired employee behaviours and performance and to supplement business policies. It is a set of expectations and responsibilities of, or proper practices for an individual or organisation.

The code of conduct includes, for example, detail on compliance with laws and regulations such as harassment and discrimination in the workplace, conflicts of interest, confidentiality and security matters, fairness and equity, contact with the public and media, values of the business and guidelines on general behaviour just to name a few topics.

Some benefits of a code of conduct include:

  • Having agreed ways of behaving and performing across the whole organisation;
  • The overall company performance is more closely aligned with the company’s business and strategic objectives;
  • All employees are fully aware of expectations of their behaviour leading to good company culture and typically personally sign the document for filing on their employee file;
  • A solid framework is in place for employees to refer to when dealing with issues or difficult decisions; The principles of the organisation values are strongly pronounced and deals with what the company stands for;
  • A code of conduct enables your organisation to stand out from similar companies and show what your company values and believes in.

A code of conduct applies to all employees, permanent and casual, and to contractors working within your organisation. When a new person joins your company they can quickly learn the expectations from the code of conduct and, as employees and contractors would normally be asked to sign off these standards, you know they agree with them and you manage these standards consistently.

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