Simple, flexible and very sensible finance solutions

With hundreds of different loan products on the market, most people don’t have the time or the expertise to determine the best option for their situation, both now and into the future. That’s why the majority of consumers turn to a Finance and Mortgage Specialist when they’re looking for a property loan or to refinance an existing loan.  Simply put, Mortgage Specialists match people to the most suitable loan, and then manage the process through to settlement. And it’s all at no cost to you, as the bank pays for this service.

AB Phillips Finance and Mortgage Specialists can compare more than 300 loan products provided by 30 lenders to determine the best loan for each client’s circumstances.  Our Certified Mortgage Consultants are experts in:

  • Investment property loans
  • Residential property loans
  • Commercial property loans (non-specialised)
  • Leasing
  • Self-managed superfund loans

For clients looking to refinance existing loan(s) we can review your current loan arrangement to determine how you could save money to reach your financial goals sooner. We are currently offering our clients a super low mortgage interest rate that could save you tens of thousands of dollars and cut years off the life of your loan.


“Thank you to the Finance & Mortgage Team at AB Phillips for all your hard work and professionalism in organising the refinance of my current property and the purchase of my second property off the plan. Your knowledge of the process, along with your support and guidance along the way was invaluable and your personal service and willingness to deal directly with my conveyancer made the process so much easier”. Nora B.


For more information on AB Phillips Finance and Mortgage products and services give us a call on 1300 242 136 or email