Where to get expert workers compensation advice


Do you know?

  • Any business that employs staff must have a Workers Compensation program 
  • Workers Compensation can be the highest insurance cost to business if not managed correctly
  • Many Australian businesses are incorrectly classified and paying the wrong amount of Workers Compensation premium.

Navigating through the Workers Compensation minefield can be time consuming, unnerving and costly to your business. Just when you think you’re on top of it, legislation changes or a workplace incident occurs that you’re not sure how to manage.

AB Phillips offer a national Workers Compensation Advisory Service that business operators can contact to field questions, get expert advice or step-by-step guidance through issues relating to Workers Compensation. Use it to find out how to manage an incident once it’s happened, or as a proactive tool to reduce the likelihood of incidents occurring.

Our advisory service is administered by highly experienced Workers Compensation experts – not just call centre operators.

To find out how to register for this service contact our Workers Compensation team on 1300 242 136 or email advice@abphillips.com.au