Why you should review your workers’ compensation program


Not being proactive about managing your workers comp claims could cost you more in premium.

Have you reviewed your Premium recently?

Why? Because how will you know if you are paying too much premium, are you being assessed on things you don’t need to be……or worse still, could you be paying not enough!

Is your business correctly classified?

Again, it’s your money on the line (and sometimes a big difference to your bottom line) so you need to be vigilant about how you are being charged.

What are the estimates against each injured worker?

You need to be aware of what future costs have been allocated against each claim as these will directly affect the calculations of your premium. Our team can assist with strategies on what you can do to impact your estimates.

We can help you take control

  • Employers taking control of the injury management and return to work process is best practice.
  • Employers being proactive about their workers’ compensation premium to ensure the premium is minimised is good business.
  • Employers upholding their commitment to the health safety and welfare of their employees have the competitive advantage.

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