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Public and Products Liability

Two covers (often packaged together), that are essential to any business. Provides cover to you and your business against the financial risk of being found liable to a third party for death/injury, or property loss/damage, resulting from your negligence, and in connection with your business.
Public liability is your protection against any claim lodged by a third party and covers expenses, costs and damages awarded to the third party.
Products liability covers your liability for any product that you manufacture, sell, supply or
distribute that results in injury, death or damage.

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Key Person Insurance

Key Person Insurance protects the business from the loss of key people. It is similar to Life Insurance, with the main difference being the ownership structure and purpose of the policy. Life Insurance is owned by the individual with benefits paid to the insureds’ nominated beneficiary, whereas Key Person Insurance is owned by the business with all benefits paid to the business in the event of a claim. 

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Kate Liptrotall