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Public and Products Liability

Two covers (often packaged together), that are essential to any business. Provides cover to you and your business against the financial risk of being found liable to a third party for death/injury, or property loss/damage, resulting from your negligence, and in connection with your business.
Public liability is your protection against any claim lodged by a third party and covers expenses, costs and damages awarded to the third party.
Products liability covers your liability for any product that you manufacture, sell, supply or
distribute that results in injury, death or damage.

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Business Interruption Insurance

If your business operations are interrupted, it could put significant financial strain on your
business. Business Interruption Insurance covers the loss of business income due to interruption
and is vital to ensure your business is able to continue to meet its ongoing costs and generate
income despite having its operations interrupted. 

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Machinery Breakdown

Machinery Breakdown Insurance protects your business against the costs of repairs to broken
machinery, and can be the difference in getting your business back up and running when it
counts. More crucially, machinery breakdown insurance can also cover you against any
financial losses to your business caused by that breakdown. Something that should be considered essential for any business that relies heavily on manufacturing, machinery or equipment.
Also included is the electrical breakdown of insured equipment or computers and can extend
to economic loss as a result of the insured asset.

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Construction/Contract Works Insurance

Contract works/construction policies cover both material damage and public liability which means it will cover perils such as fire, storm and malicious damage along with the liability risk of bodily injury or property damage while contract works are being undertaken.
If you are in the commercial construction or domestic building industry, or are involved in any
sizeable site projects greater than a single day, you should consider Contract Works Insurance to
protect your works while under construction.

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