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Workers compensation is a complex and often costly part of running a business. Ever changing legislation in this area can make it difficult for employers to manage, and subject them to harsh penalties for non-compliance. Our workers compensation experts can review, adjust or completely overhaul you workers compensation program and get it running efficiently and effectively to ensure it's not costing you any more than it should, and improving the safety and compliance of your workplace.

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For clients that are specifically seeking advice relating to Workers Compensation, we offer dedicated telephone and email advisory support designed to provide solutions relating to Workers Compensation.

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Injury Management Services

Management from the initial injury/accident right through to a successful return to work, whilst coaching stakeholders in the business on the process and how to mitigate future incidents.

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Workers Compensation Premium Reviews

Ensure that you are compliant with your WorkCover Premium obligations and you are not over or under declaring. We review areas which may have resulted in overstating your remuneration declaration and in turn, resulting in over-payment to WorkSafe, and ensure your industry classification is correct and that you are declaring wages accurately. We arrange any refunds if over-payments are discovered and provide a full report detailing our findings on completion. We also provide assistance where required to ensure that you rectify any areas of non-compliance.

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Policy/Premium Management Services

We manage your Workers Compensation Program, ensuring all policies are compliant under the relevant legislation and regulations. We can also assist with wage declaration and remuneration where required.

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Strategic Claims Management

We liaise directly with the return to work coordinator within your business, to analyse past premium impacting claims and find solutions. We can manage the entire claims process to ensure your claims are dealt with quickly and with maximum payout or benefit to you or your employees.



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If you are interested in appointing AB Phillips as your Workers Compensation representative you will need to complete our Employer Authorisation Agreement form.


Advisory services

We offer our People Matters Advice and consultation and implementation services to businesses which cover many areas of human resources, workers compensation and safety & wellbeing.


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